Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

1534 S. Easton Avenue (at Hayes Street)

Peoria, Illinois 61605-3407 USA

Telephone: (309) 637-9150

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Between 1894 and 2019, Zion was located on the corner of Easton and Hayes, which is one block west of the intersection of Western and Jefferson, on the South Side of Peoria. It was just over 1 mile north-east on Adams from the junction of I-474 and US 24.

Or 1¼ miles south on Western from the Courtyard Estates of Peoria.

or about 2 miles south of Bradley University

Or about 2½ miles south-west on Jefferson from Peoria Riverfront District.

or 2 miles down Jefferson from Dozer Park.

The last Sunday service

Unfortunately, an aging parish as well as years of area changes in the neighborhood had reached Zion Lutheran. That last Sunday service was held on January 27, 2019. Below you can see a video of the final part of the last service, Zion's Final Service 09 -- Post-Communion and Order for Closing a Congregation.

You can watch the entire final service HERE.

Many wonderful weddings

Thankfully, of the many life cycle events, our congregation celebrated many weddings. Over the years, our pastors served as the religiious officiant for weddings. Our brides and grooms, starting in the 1960's, had several good choices when they asked who do we recommend as "wedding planner near me". One of our more recent couples, Johnny and Jessica, who now live in Phoenix, AZ, set up a wedding website for free. That never was something ever contemplated way back in 1894!