To help you with your wedding planning, the following ideas and wedding tips are common to many churches. We thank Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Peoria for their church ceremony wedding tips:

  1. The church building is an area distinguished for Christian praise as well as is properly made use of for the wedding celebrations of Christians. There is no charge to energetic participants for use of the building. Non-members are anticipated to participate in at least two prayer services. When neither bride-to-be nor the groom is a member of the congregation, they shall make a contribution, at the very least $100, to offset the operating expenses of the congregation.

  2. Zion's Pastor will preside at the wedding celebrations of parish participants held at other venues.

  3. The Pastor at Zion administers at all weddings at the church making use of accepted rites of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. There are no charges for his services. The providing of a honorarium in acknowledgment of his services is not expected. If the couple desires to supply a present to Zion or its Pastor in acknowledgment of his services and your glorious wedding event, the quantity or worth of that gift is totally at the couple's discretion.

  4. The engagement of the clergy of various other Christian churches (or, when it comes to an interfaith couple, of various other beliefs) to assist in the wedding service may be permitted when appropriate, yet only at the discretion and also invitation of Zion's Pastor.

  5. If the Pastor is welcomed to attend a rehearsal dinner and/or wedding reception, proper rules is to invite him in the same manner as any other guest would certainly be welcomed.

  6. A Marriage preparation program shall be completed prior to the wedding event by any couple planning to be married by the Pastor at Zion. The course used by the Pastor, "Prepare/Enrich," generally needs at the very least 5 sessions over a duration of no more than 8 weeks. More details can be found at www.prepare-enrich.com. There is a $35 fee for the course. Marital relationship preparation will also include some Bible research study and also a review of the wedding celebration service itself.

  7. The wedding service adheres to authorized ceremonies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. A copy of the service, including liturgical alternatives as well as some musical tips, is supplied in a different file.

  8. The center of the marriage ceremony is the exchange of promises as well as the blessing of God. The exchange of rings is the primary noticeable sign of the pledges. Other symbolic acts need to never ever eclipse the exchange of vows and also rings. Several routines that have actually been contributed to wedding events over the years fit well (or better) at the wedding party.

  9. When both Bride and Groom are active participants of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, it is appropriate that Holy Communion be celebrated. When this is done, all Baptized Christians in attendance who believe the Lord's Dinner is the Body and also Blood of Christ are welcomed to receive. Communion of just the Bride and Groom is not allowed in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

  10. Those who routinely pray at Zion might intend to take into consideration having their wedding event as part of an on a regular basis scheduled prayer service at Zion. The Christian Church has generally dissuaded the party of wedding celebrations throughout the season of Lent, and they are not permitted at all during Holy Week.

  11. Wedding event songs should be appropriate to Christian prayer and also a Christian understanding of marital relationship. All songs will be approved by the Pastor. The vocal singing of pop music is usually more appropriate for the function or celebration after the wedding service. Congregational hymns are always proper for praise in Evangelical Lutheran churches, consisting of at weddings.

  12. Zion's Organist must be gotten in touch with as soon as the wedding day has been established if his/her services are preferred. The use of an additional organist is permitted just at the discretion as well as approval of Zion's Organist and Pastor.

  13. If somebody besides Zion's Organist is to offer songs, it is the couple's responsibility to make the needed arrangements. The couple is additionally responsible for scheduling any musician they could want.

  14. Compensation for the church Organist is $100, plus $15 for each and every solo for which she/he is anticipated to go along with, and also ought to be paid straight to the Organist by the wedding celebration rehearsal.

  15. Zion's Custodian is to be made up for the extra time and also job involved in preparing the church for worship services. A minimum of $50 is paid straight to him/her by the wedding party.

  16. Using flowers is optional. If they are desired, it is the obligation of the couple to offer them. Man-made blossoms are not permitted at the Church or in the Chancel. At the Church, two setups with vases are needed. Any type of flower designer may be used. Zion utilizes Geier Flower shop in West Peoria for Sunday services. If another flower designer is utilized, setups for blossom distribution will require to be made with the Parish Office.

  17. Frequently Altar blossoms for a wedding celebration are left for use at Sunday prayer. If that is the couple's wish, the church ought to be advised at the very least 2 weeks before the wedding celebration.

  18. Liturgical as well as decorative accessories such as an aisle runner, unity candle light, decorative candle lights, banners, etc. may be made use of at the discernment of the couple. With the exception of candles currently in the Sanctuary, the couple should give such products. (Note: The aisle, from Chancel steps to Narthex, is approximately 45 feet long.).

  19. The shade of the paraments on the Altar as well as Chancel furnishings is determined by the period of the Christian year, not the colors used by the wedding celebration.

  20. Ushers should be properly notified as to the seating arrangements preferred, the appointments of the Church, as well as the various parts of the ceremony. They should, as a result, be present for the rehearsal whether they are additionally working as best men. On the day of the wedding celebration, they should certainly be at the church and all set to serve at the very least half an hour before the service is to begin.

  21. A photographer and/or videographer, must be retained by the Bride and Groom. The taking of flash pictures by any person during the event itself is not allowed. The wedding celebration may, after the recessional, take flash photos to re-enact activities of the ceremony. Cams will be put in inconspicuous places.

  22. The throwing of rice, or replacements such as birdseed, is a carry-over from ancient pagan fertility ceremonies and also is highly frowned upon anywhere on church premises. It is not allowed within the church building.

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